Management consulting

We are present at every moment during the life of a business, with vision, strategic intuition and a broad skillset to improve and develop your company’s business and help you attain new goals.



Management control

Management control is the set of tools for planning, budgeting, and analysing costs and variances to budget, as determined to ensure the tracking of the company against corporate objectives.

Through our assistance, it is possible to:

  • measure the current situation and compare it with the overall strategy
  • assess the causes of deviation between what was planned and what was achieved
  • Identify possible corrective measures on the steps taken or the objectives
  • Estimate the end point; forecasting results obtained into the future making it possible to predict the expected year-end results

Finance management

Our services are aimed at providing businesses with the knowledge and tools for the short, medium and long term financial management.

In conjunction with the company, we offer the following services:

  • Development of Financial Statements
  • Analysis of short-term, medium and long term income flows
  • Monitor Central Credit and costs of financing
  • Continuous monitoring of relationships with the banking system

Business plans

Starting a new venture, developing a new project or restructuring debt requires a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, through the setting of a proper business plan.

Through the Business Plan it is possible to:

  • think rationally about the business idea
  • plan new activities setting out the ways, time and resources required
  • simulate the costs of the initiative and eventually "adjust" the project
  • Check the consistency and feasibility of the initiative by analysing in detail the different legal, financial, organizational and market aspects;
  • Put to the test and improve your business skills
  • Convince prospective lenders and investors in the business profitability

Business restructuring

The recent reforms to Italian Bankruptcy Law have provided companies with a number of negotiating tools (Documented Plan (“Piano Attestato”) pursuant to art. 67 of the Law and Restructuring Agreements “Accordo di Ristrutturazione dei debiti” pursuant to art. 182 bis of the Law) which may enable the company to get out of a crisis situation, while continuing to legitimately run the business and avoiding the use of bankruptcy proceedings.

We can act the as the company’s Advisors in drafting the recovery plan and monitoring its execution.


  • We operate through a multidisciplinary team of professionals that supports management, to manage all aspects related to a state of crisis, combining managerial, financial, tax and legal expertise.

Case studies

Sacel Srl

We are working with a company in the process of corporate restructuring following a change in ERP management system. As a result, all the business processes have been re-analysed in the light of the changes brought by the new computer system.

Redil Store Srl

For many years, we have been closely monitoring the company's business and finance, through a prices management control system. Every month we analyze margins by department, future financial position, and the achievement of set objectives.

Giraudi Srl

The company was in need of a more structured system of management control, aimed at controlling costs and efficiencies, as well as the control of treasury. We introduced a simple yet comprehensive management control system, adapted to meet the size requirements of the company.