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Corporate training

The competitiveness of companies is measured by organizational innovation, as well as technological and product, and among these factors growth and updating of staff within the Company are particularly significant. For this, we create together with the management, customised training programs in various business areas. For each goal that needs to be achieved, there is an appropriate training program, made to measure.
Training is for everyone and can be designed for all levels of staff and competencies.

Financing Corporate Training
Management training is supported by financing structures including the interprofessional funds that provide for the coverage of costs for training activities. This means free training (totally or in part).
We support companies in the selection of inter-professional funds and managing applications for assistance. Our experience in the design of training programs and managing the bureaucratic parts allows us to be a reliable and highly specialized partner.



Examples of our projects

“Management skills” Training 2016

Developing skills of company personnel on the issues of accounting and administration, finance and management controls and the use of business intelligence tools.

People Management - Management and Motivation of Workplace Team

Course for strengthening managerial skills of middle management, with particular attention to relationship aspects and managing workplace teams.

Management training 2016

Accompanying the process of internationalization of the company through training, aimed at corporate management, taxation and international contracts, customs law, international regulations ATEX, PED, API Q1, ASME.