Serving businesses since 1991

We are professionals who help business owners, managers and corporate staff, with the aim of making real and tangible improvements to companies and businesses. Through analysis, optimization, organization and planning, we try to formulate and undertake strategic operational options, always maintaining one single, clear objective: do good business.


RW stands for Reiner Wert meaning "Pure Value". This statement embodies our mission: to work with businesses to provide real added value, which is, above all, long lasting. For us as consultants it means working closely with our customers, in the pursuit of common goals, both ambitious and directed at continuous improvement in the company’s business.

RW Consulting was founded in 1991 by the entrepreneurial spirit of business consulting professionals and academics. The partners all work as management consultants, in different areas, but all closely connected.


Andrea De Giorgi

CEO & Managing director Reiner Wert Group

Francesco Maria Spano


Pier Paolo Iachello

Responsible for management training

Marco Viola

Business consultant in administration, finance and audit.

Damiano Molinatti

Business consultant in data analysis and business intelligence.

Cinzia Pace

Responsible for integration between different areas of the RW Group, consultant in organization and staff development.

Claudia Milanesio

Business consultant in administration, finance and audit.

Laura Gallo

Administrative officer RW Group.

Marko Jovanovic

IT Consultant and Business Intelligence

Fabrizio Casetta

Analyst and Business Intelligence

Martina Sottimano

Training Area

Elisa Grandis


Andrea Farinelli

Industrial-Organizational psychologist, Executive Coach & Trainer

Cristina Ghia

Languages Trainer

Guido Besana

Manufacturing and Process Consultant

Marco Becchio

Innovation & Digital Transformation Consultant

Alberto Bert

Innovation & Digital Transformation Consultant